How do I pledge?

Every project has its own page containing all the relevant details.  There, logged-in users can submit their pledge and select their desired Premium.  If there are more than 28 days remaining before the end of the offer period, you’re done for now.  Four weeks prior to the end of the offer period, you will receive an email notification from PayPal.  From that point, you will have one week to submit your authorization. If 28 or less days remain until the end of the offer period, then once you select a Premium, you will be automatically redirected to PayPal and asked to submit authorization for payment. You can choose to fund your PayPal account by either direct bank transfer, credit card or PayPal credit.   Regardless of when you submit the authorization, the actual PayPal transfer of funds will ONLY take place IF the project reaches or exceeds its pledge target upon the conclusion of the offer period.  If the project does not reach its pledge target, then the authorization is automatically cancelled and no funds will be taken from your account.

Do I have to select a Premium?

If you want to simply support a project without receiving any Premium in return, then by all means, you are welcome to do so.

Can I retract or cancel my pledge?

With your pledge, you are committed to supporting that project and therefore all pledges should be made with this in mind.  It is however, possible, to retract ones pledge before the project deadline is reached.

Can I bid on my own project?

No, for reasons of fraud prevention, the payment authorization terms of service will not allow this.  Bidding on your own project is grounds for immediate cancellation of the project.

How do I pay if and when the project reaches its pledge target?

On the next day following the conclusion of a successful project, a debit will be posted to your PayPal account. You can choose to fund your PayPal account by either direct bank transfer, credit card or PayPal credit.

Is there any other way to pay besides PayPal?

No.  Currently, only PayPal is accepted.  This method allows for quick and easy payments using bank transfer, credit card or existing PayPal credit.

Are there any other costs or hidden fees?

No. The sponsors incur no further costs above the amount pledged to the project.

What happens when the project does not reach its pledge target?

Nothing.  If a project fails to meet its pledge target during its offer period, then you have no obligations and no costs.

Can a project raise more than the pledge target?

Yes. There is no limit to how many pledges a project can receive. It is however possible that a finite number of Premiums have been made available and there can come a point when no Premiums are left to give out.

What happens if, for some reason, a payment fails go through?

In case PayPal cannot process payment — in cases of insufficient funds in the account, for example — you will receive notification via email.  You will then have one week to submit payment by other means.

What happens if the Project reaches its goal before the end of the offer period?

All projects remain posted until the end of the offer period.

What happens after the project is successfully funded?

At the conclusion of the offer period, you will receive an email notification from Inkubato detailing the status of the Project.  The project’s creator will then contact you, as well as post updates to the site.

What personal information about me is given to the project creator(s)?

The project creator(s) will receive only your username, pledge amount and your desired Premium.  All other information (e.g., the address where the Premium is to be sent) will be communicated between you and the project creator(s) through personal messages via Inkubato.  Important note:  In the event that your pledge amount cannot be transferred (e.g., because you no longer have sufficient funds in your PayPal account), you will be given an opportunity to rectify the situation.  If this is unsuccessful, then the project creator(s) can request — and be provided with — your contact information to arrange a resolution directly.

How can I trust the project creator to complete the project and send me my Premium?

If you don’t know the Project Creator personally, the posted video, images and text can give you some idea of the person(s) behind the project. You are also advised to read their profile and references. If you want to know more about either the project or the project creator(s), you also may send the project creator(s) a private message with any questions or requests.   While Inkubato prescreens all projects and project creators, the ultimate determination of the credibility of a project and/or project creators is yours to make and you are advised to only support projects by people you deem trustworthy.

What happens if the creators don’t follow through as promised, either in creating their project or in the Premium they promised to give?

Should a successfully funded project not be fulfilled as stated by the creators, then they must immediately inform supporters and Inkubato and transfer all funds back to Inkubato and we will in turn refund you your money.  Likewise, if the Premium promise was in any way unfulfilled.


How do I start a project?

Read the instructions  and fill out the project application form found under the tab “Start Project”

What projects are eligible?

Just about anything you can think to create: art, music, films, books, trips, social projects, plays, photos, videos, etc.  It might be simpler just to list what’s not allowed: gambling, lotteries, loans, investment pools and other financial schemes.  Multi level marketing schemes are also not permitted. Obviously, anything unlawful is prohibited.

What criteria does Inkubato use to determine whether a project will be approved for the site?

When evaluating a potential project, we first determine whether the project follows our guidelines and terms of service.  If it does, we will then decide whether the nature of your project is such that it has a reasonable chance of benefitting from exposure on Inkubato.com.  And finally, we will decide whether we think it is reasonable to believe that given the funding, your project will actually be realized.  Admittedly, there is a lot of subjectivity involved in these determinations but we do endeavor to be as fair and open-minded as possible while still making sure that Inkubato remains a credible online venue for all our users.  It’s also important to note that while we will make every effort to publish approved projects on the chosen start date, circumstances can occasionally arise where this might not be possible.

What makes a project successful?

Of course, nothing can absolutely guarantee a project’s success or failure. However,  you can find articles on our blog that offer some tips on how to create and present a successful project.

How long can a project run?

The offer period can be determined by the creators to be anywhere between a minimum of 14 days to a maximum of 90 days.

What is the funding range for a project.

Projects can be for a minimum of €300. There is a maximum limit of € 50.000.

What kind of Premiums are possible?

All legal goods and services including products, experiential services, online services, symbolic gestures (e.g., published or broadcast acknowledgements and credits, etc.) and just about anything else you can imagine.  Money, shares, interest and other financial instruments are not permitted.

What pledge value can be placed on a Premium?

Premium can be offered for pledges ranging from €5 to €2000.

How many different types of Premium am I allowed to offer?

You can offer up to 12 different rewards for up to 12 different pledge levels.

Must I be able to offer an unlimited amount of any specific Premium? What happens if I only have a limited number?

You can make available as many Premiums as you like, provided that the total pledge value of the available rewards meets or exceeds the pledge quota.  If the number of a Premium is limited, potential sponsors only can pledge for it until the limit has been reached.

What costs are incurred?

Publishing a project is cost free.  When a project is successfully funded, Inkubato receives a commission and PayPal and other transaction costs add another 2-4% to the total.  Including the german VAT it sums up to a total of 10% flat fees for the project.

Therefore, you should calculate those fees when calculating your total costs.

How do I publicize my project?

Inkubato makes publicizing your project easy.  You’ll find share buttons for exporting your project to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and forwarding by email to spread the word to your personal network and to the internet at large.

Can projects receive more than the target sum?

Yes.  There is no limit to how many pledges a project can receive.  Due to the possible finite of Premiums, you can reach a point where no more rewards are available for pledges.   Potential sponsors are informed when no more rewards are available, however, if they so choose, they may still pledge without a Premium.

Can the offer period be ended earlier if the target sum is reached?

No.  Projects can only be closed after the end of the offer period, even if the target is reached and even if no more Premiums are available.

Can I change a project once it has been published?

Once publicized, project details, target sum, videos, photos and Premiums can not be altered, removed or otherwise changed.  However, it is possible to always post updates.

What is an Update?

The creator can post announcements during the offer period to the project site, including updates about the latest developments with the project or any other information you deem relevant or interesting.  The sponsors can also elect to be informed of any developments via email.

How do I maintain the project page?

All the relevant information necessary can be found and managed on you project page: 
List of current sponsors, pledges and selected Premiums, 
Mailbox for communications with sponsors and potential sponsors, submitted comments
, updates
, status of payments

Once a project has been published, can it be cancelled?

In the event that a published project cannot be fully realized for whatever reason, it MUST be cancelled.  In such an event, the project and all pledges are voided.

What happens if a successfully financed project cannot be realized?

Should a fully funded project not be able to realized for any reason, the creator must immediately inform alI supportes and Inkubato, and transfer all pledges back to Inkubato where they will in turn be credited to the Sponsors. A commission will be charged as well as any interest costs.

How do I get my money when the project is successful?

Once Inkubato receives the pledges via PayPal, we will transfer the sum to creator via bank transfer or PayPal, less the commission and transactions costs described above.