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Inkubato uses the principle of positive exchange to match independent projects with anyone looking to fund them.

Inventors, artists, musicians, photographers, activists, designers, start-up entrepreneurs – just about any type of freelancer, independent group or partnership — can post their projects and solicit funds by offering a non-monetary premium to everyone who supports them. And it’s a way for those in the community and the public at large to not only support projects they deem worthy but to have a share in their success, as well.

Browse our list of projects, pledge to support one, or post one of your own.

Here’s how it works:

For those wishing to fund a project:

Inkubato is revolutionary way to support worthy projects in your community or field of interest and receive a non-monetary Premium as you share in that project’s success.  You can either browse the available projects by clicking through the categories or go directly to a specific project by using search keywords or the project ID.  There you can learn about the project and read the profiles of those involved in it.  Each project will also list one or more pledge levels and a Premium (or a choice of Premiums) available for that level.  These are related to the project being supported but otherwise could be just about anything  –  a signed copy of a book, free passes to an event or a ‘thank you’ in the screen credits of a film.

Once you have created an account, you can pledge your desired amount and select your Premium.  Transfers are handled through PayPal.  No money will be deducted if the project does not get fully funded by the end of the posting period.  If the project does reach its funding goal, the transfer proceeds automatically at the end of the posting period.  All the money pledged will go to the Project Creator(s) (less a 7% commission to cover operating costs) and you will be put in contact with the project creator to arrange receipt of your Premium and to receive updates or request any other information about the status of the project.

For those seeking funding for a project:

Inkubato allows freelancers and independents of all stripes to finance their projects by soliciting funds from their community and the public at large while offering a non-monetary Premium in return.

Once you create an account, you can access our online form where you’ll be prompted to provide certain information regarding your project (using text, links, photos and video) and the costs associated with its completion.  You’ll also provide information about yourself and any relevant partners for your online profile.  Then decide on the pledge amount (or amounts) you will be seeking (e.g., €5, €10, €50, €500, €1000, etc. – it’s up to you) and offer a Premiums or choice of Premiums based on the designated amount(s).  A Premium can be anything related to your project (free passes to an event, for example, a signed copy if it’s a book, or perhaps an actual ‘thank you’ in the screen credits of a film) as long as it’s not money or shares (these are illegal).  And finally, you choose how long (2 – 12 weeks) you’d like the project to remain open to funding.

Once you upload this information, it will initiate contact with Inkubato but your Project details will not yet be visible to the public.  You might be requested to provide further information, documentation or other material.  To allow enough time for the approval process, we ask that you select a Start Date at least two weeks in advance.  Once approved, you can publish your Project and it will be viewable to the public.

While your project is up, you can also promote it on your own website or through such social media as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.  Inkubato will display a running account of how much has been pledged to your Project up to that point, but no money will change hands unless your Project is fully funded at the end of the posting period.

If you reach your funding goal, you’ll receive the full amount pledged (minus a 7% commission to cover operating costs) along with an agreed-upon deadline for completing your project.  You’ll also receive the contact information of all those who’ve pledged so you can send them their Premium and keep them updated on the status of your project.

If your Project does not reach its Funding Goal by the end of the pledge period, then no pledge money is transferred (and no commission or other costs are incurred).