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    Oddisee is a documentarymagazin off the beaten track.

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    Ein Dokumentarfilm über den Beat der Bar25, der zum Herzschlag eines Lebensgefühls wird.

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    Oddisee´s new Episode: No. 4



Über mich:

Oddisee is a documentarymagazine that locates itself on the other side of the beaten track. It moves amongst the absurd, ludicrous and remote report niches that don’t get thoroughly discussed.

Oddisee is a journey to the isolated islands of today’s everyday culture. It is a journey driven by curiosity and a lust for detection rather than just for sensation. It is a journey with no guide book and with no bias.

Constantly on a quest for the unnoticed themes that surround them every day, Oddisee discovers a great variety of lifestyles and viewpoints.

Oddisee consist of Anna and Annikki, two filmmakers from Berlin. Beside our "normal" work we spend almost all our spare time to make Oddisee happen, because we believe that a different view is necessary.