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    am 06.06.2012 - 23:45

    Thank-you so much all the supporters. It looks like we may not make it, although hope lasts to the very last grain of rice. However, I will try and reinvent this process - perhaps facilitate some extra private funds and see if it can't emerge blended means. I must say thank-you again, it is also a stepping stone of self esteem to have some pledges and know that my creative ventures from the beginning have supporters - this is the kind of creative energy eschange that keeps the imaginative wheels rolling - and when the film is made I am sure that we'll all be pleasantly delighted!


    xox Rups


Über mich:

I am a videographer with a previous series of one minute films, "The Film that John Lennon couldn't make", "60 Second Relief", and "Errol Flynn's Pianist", I also dabble as well as an actor and played the role of GB in Anna Brownfield's movie The Band.

I took a break from my own projects in 2008 to teach within and coordinate Screen and Media at a tertiary institution. However during that time I worked independently producing, shooting and writing music videos and other independent works.

I am currently residing in Lisbon, and this next 60 second miniature epic is to be shot in Portugal, where the light and location is the perfect backdrop to this controversial diminutive digitized religious relic. Enough seconds to stir up belief in an archdeacon's bonnet.

Please search for my previous works for more information ...

"The Film that John Lennon couldn't make"
"60 Second Relief" (Sometimes logged as "60 Seconds Relief")
"Errol Flynn's Pianist"