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von Rupert

From the makers of Sudarium of Oviedo, Shroud of Turin & the Holy Prepuce comes an amorous artifact, a raunchy relic of faith rather than credulity.

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Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene as you've never seen them before in my next one minute film based on Signum (figura, imago, allegoria).

We are gearing up to shoot this short in sunny Portugal where the light and location is perfect for the film's backdrop. This short work, like my previous films will reference the essence of what makes un/popular cultural anomalies.

I have a budgeted breakdown of costs. We will be shooting on 8mm, and so the funds procured for this project will go towards film stock and processing as well as pressing of DVDs for festival entries.

The cinematographer is the talented Sanne Kurz in Germany (http://sannekurz.com/) who will be flown over for the shoot, we are still seeking a make-up artist. Funds will be allocated for travel expenses, as well as paying the two crew members for their time and effort. Myself and the actress who will be in the film are self-funding, the actress is coming all the way over from Victoria, Australia. I have sourced free accommodation for crew.

Other costs factored into our budget are local travel expenses to carry four people to the location within Portugal, catering and make-up/wardrobe which is minimal but all adds up.

This film will be a controversial miniature epic. As you will see from my profile I took some time out from producing my one minute films to teach and coordinate a course in Screen and Media, but previous works have all been dedicatedly produced.

I hope the premiums I have offered will be desirable for those pitching in to help this project through. I look forward to collaborating with the community in creating what I think will be a small work that will send echoes through the passages of the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana with enough cheekiness to stir up the belief in an archdeacon's bonnet.

We are seeking:

€2000.00 for:

Travel costs.

Wages for crew.

Wardrobe and make-Up.

Film stock, processing and Telecine.

DVD pressings and festival entry.



  • 06.06.2012

    Thank-you so much all the supporters. It looks like we may not make it, although hope lasts to the very last grain of rice. However, I will try and reinvent this process - perhaps facilitate some extra private funds and see if it can't emerge blended means. I must say thank-you again, it is also a stepping stone of self esteem to have some pledges and know that my creative ventures from the beginning have supporters - this is the kind of creative energy eschange that keeps the imaginative wheels rolling - and when the film is made I am sure that we'll all be pleasantly delighted!


    xox Rups

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  • 10 Euro oder mehr

    Signed pressed DVD copy of the film.

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  • 20 Euro oder mehr

    Signed pressed DVD copy of the film and behind the scenes footage (General footage).

    Unterstützer » 1

  • 50 Euro oder mehr

    Credit of thanks in the closing titles and signed pressed DVD copy of the film.

    Unterstützer » 0

  • 150 Euro oder mehr

    Credit of thanks in the closing titles and signed pressed DVD copy the film with an additional menu featuring my previous one minute films - plus behind the scenes footage menu.

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  • 300 Euro oder mehr

    Credit as 'Executive Producer' on the film, a signed DVD pressed copy of the film (Plus the more racy behind the scenes footage) and opportunity to have an original short script produced as a future project of mine.

    Unterstützer » 1


I am a videographer with a previous series of one minute films, "The Film that John Lennon couldn't make", "60 Second Relief", and "Errol Flynn's Pianist", I also dabble as well as an actor and played the role of GB in Anna Brownfield's movie The Band.

I took a break from my own projects in 2008 to teach within and coordinate Screen and Media at a tertiary institution. However during that time I worked independently producing, shooting and writing music videos and other independent works.

I am currently residing in Lisbon, and this next 60 second miniature epic is to be shot in Portugal, where the light and location is the perfect backdrop to this controversial diminutive digitized religious relic. Enough seconds to stir up belief in an archdeacon's bonnet.

Please search for my previous works for more information ...

"The Film that John Lennon couldn't make"
"60 Second Relief" (Sometimes logged as "60 Seconds Relief")
"Errol Flynn's Pianist"