Eastern Europe in Drag



von Zmicier&Nelly

First drag shows in Poland Belarus and Ukraine date back to early or late 90-s as the appearance of these shows was impossible in the communist era

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Eastern Europe in Drag

Exhibition in HBC, Berlin 21/01/2012


Even now gender policies remain on the margins of the official social agenda in Eastern Europe. At the same time open protest against homosexuality which is not possilbe in Western Europe plays an important role in political propaganda in post-communist European countries both within (for instance, Poland) and outside (Belarus, Ukraine) the EU boarders. Such propoganda demonises the very act of gay sex (which is quite often referred to as 'Eurosodomy') and the whole LGBTI community as such. In this context drag show as such becomes a powerful statement.

We are a group of young European artists (most of us from Eastern Europe) with an active social position working on the exhibition Eastern Europe in Drag

We are setting  the show in Berlin (Germany) in .HBC. By doing so, we aim to   draw broader attention to the current state of LGBTI-related issues  as well as to the phenomenon of Eastern European drag outside the original contexts of the above mentioned countries.

Please note: as an independent artistic group we do not have any political affiliation and through this project we are mainly focusing on the socio-cultural aspects of the phenomenon.

.HBC is a massive multidimensional arts space in the centre of Berlin (Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9, near Alexanderplatz) attracting broader groups of audiences. The general management of .HBC has expressed a keen interest in the project and is ready to provide us with all available gallery spaces.

The exhibition body consists of photo and video installations, as well as graphics and animation. We are also planning to organise several live performances with the participation of Polish and Ukrainian drag performers featured in the project, Berlin-based producer and musician Joey Hansom (http://www.expatriarch.com), as well as Q&A sessions. 

The opening of the event will take place at 19.00 on Saturday January 21, 2012 and will benefit from great timing. After the opening of the exhibit in Berlin, we plan to organise the show’s touring to other European venues. The first possible option would be Aview Nomad Gallery, Gothenburg Sweden (http://www.aviewnomadgallery.com/).

We need financial assistance for making this event happen. Contributions will be needed to cover costs on locally creating and installing some of the exhibition objects as well as printing and framing photographs, renting the equipment needed (beamers and LCD monitors) and partial reimbursement of travel expenses for some of the performers and artists. 

Your support for this important event would be greatly appreciated by everyone involved.
If you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact project’s main curator, Dzmitry Suslau or the managing curator in Germany, Nelly Kazuk Email inquiries could be sent to liaisonsdange@gmail.com (Dzmitry) or nelly.kazuk@gmail.com (Nelly).

With kind regards,
Nelly Kazuk and Dzmitry Suslau
exhibition curators 

P.S. It should be great fun!


More information on the project's facebook  and gallery pages:








  • 20.01.2012

    Thank you thank you thank you Jonsi & Konrad!!! xx 

  • 19.01.2012

    Dear ptichka, If you would also like to reveal your name, please email it to liaisonsdange@gmail.com

    It will be then published in our exhibitions catalogue! x

  • 19.01.2012

    Merci, ptichka. It's a great help! :) xx

  • 18.01.2012

    Thank you, Thank you Andreas Trussat  and Caroline Otterstadh we are extremely grateful! xx

  • 18.01.2012

    Thank you, thank you Wolfstar! We are all singing thank you here and dancing :)

    If you can email your photogrpah to liaisonsdange@gmail.com it will be published in the exhibition catalogue straigh away xx

  • 18.01.2012

    Thank you, thank you Joakim Gustaf Aspeheim!!!! x

  • 17.01.2012

    Thank you, Elizaveta Chaikovskaya for your support! We all hug you very much indeed!!! :) xx

  • 16.01.2012

  • 16.01.2012

    Thank you, dears! sloopbell and monikanna we love you xx

  • 15.01.2012

    Thank you, thank you Diana Berenice Trujillo Gonzalez, Haruki Uike & Mdsumanator :) for supporting the project! We are getting there!!! The praise is all yours xx

  • 15.01.2012

    Thank you, thank you Diana Berenice Trujillo Gonzalez, Haruki Uike & Mdsumanator :) for supporting the project! We are getting there The praise is all yours xx

  • 14.01.2012

    Thank you so much, dear Eric Schrijver, Natallia Lameka & Thomas Raineau for your contributions!
    All the Drag queens and me personally bow deeply xx

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    Thank you so much for your support! We appreciate your help immensely you will receive a thank you email and your name will be mentioned in the exhibition catalogue!

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    Thank you! Thank you! We are extremely grateful! Apart from these words you will receive a thank you email, your name will be mentioned in the exhibition catalogue and on top of that you will receive a free ticket to the VARIETÉ VERÍTÉ party which will follow the exhibition opening in HBC.

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    It is almost impossible to express our gratitude. We will try though to do so with a thank you email, publishing your photo in the exhibition catalogue, giving you free tickets to the VARIETÉ VERÍTÉ party and specially mentioning your name during the Q&A session. Additionally you are eligible to get a professional drag make-up.

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    There is no way this exhibition could have happened without you. On top of all possible premium types (such as thank you emails, free tickets, special mentioning in the exhibition catalogue and during the Q&A session etc) your name will also be mentioned in the future articles dedicated to this specific event and other exhibition catalogues for this sane show in London etc. A surprise from HBC is in store for you as well.

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    We will do our best to tell you and everybody that this exhibition is to a large degree your achievement. Apart from everything mentioned above you will also be able to select several art-works (photographs) which will be signed for you by the artist and a very special surprise will await you in HBC.

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Dzmitry Suslau/Zmicier (artist, curator)
The idea for Eastern Europe in Drag derives from Dzmitry’s MA dissertation at the University of Warwick and University of Amsterdam. He is currently involved in the development of several exhibition projects at the department of Theatre and Performance of the Victoria & Albert museum, London.

Nelly Kazuk (managing curator)
Holding two degrees in both International Business Administration and European Studies and Law, Nelly now works as a marketing assistant at Citizens System Europe. Nelly’s interests span beyond the marketing field and she is especially involved in independent artistic collaborations.