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Sei Teil unserer Lead User Gruppe. Entscheidet mit, was den besten Mate ist. Eure Rückmeldung & Unterstutzung machen die nächste Lieferung möglich.

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Our goal at Meta Mate has always been to provide you with the best mate possible . We started with the best that we found - the freshest and only wild Mate on the market. After this we delved into a series of research projects to discover the differences between industrial and wild produced Mate for health and taste with the Beuthe University, including a Mate Cancer Research Study launched on Inkubato. And now, armed with these results we are ready to offer you your preferred Mate in an environmentally friendly, sustainable and transparent way.

For the past two years Meta Mate customers have had to pay a high cost for their favourite Mate including 9€ per kg airmail in our costs. Beside the high costs, this shipping method contributed to CO2 Emissions and exposed our Mate to unnecessary radioativity. We are happy to say that this will soon change.

During the new moon in Mai we harvested 300kg of fresh Meta Mate which is on its way to Berlin by ship, scheduled to dock in mid-July with fresh, forest harvested, Mate in fine and leafy cuts, available in smoked and unsmoked varieties. Together with this shipment we included 3 qualities of Barao do Cotegipe, the brand of industrial Mate that tested best against PAHs (the cancerigenous substances that can be found in food).

In order to make this possible, we had to order 1000kg as opposed to 20kg, which means we have to park a larger amount of money until the Mate is sold, which is why we would like to offer you the chance to help us with a special deal. has already purchased 450kg of industrially processed from the shipment, and 100kg of a special forest harvested, usmoked, leafy Mate has been pre-sold to Leet Mate for their new 1337 recipe, but we still have 450kg left for you to drink with us!

We're missing 420€ to cover part of the initial costs and are grateful for all of the encouragement and support we receive to make this dream possible. We truly believe in the benefits of drinking Mate and are dedicated to providing you with the means to cultivate the habit in an enjoyable and economical way and look forward to celebrating the arrival of this fresh Mate in July.

The special Mate's up for grabs in different combinations are:

Meta Mate Fine – Smoked by hand powdery forest origin Mate harvested in May 2013

Meta Mate Leafy – Smoked by hand leafy-cut Mate harvested in May 2013

Meta Mate Industrial Dry – Unsmoked pure leaves High Caffeine forest-origin mate

Barao Premium – Unsmoked industrially processed Parana fine wild-origin powdery mate.

Barao Native - Unsmoked forest-origin powdery mate.

Learn More about our different Mate Qualities and the research we have done.

  • 11.07.2013

    Mates Fans have something to look forward to now.  Our Palette of Mate was delivered at our doorsteps yesterday! 

    After carrying the 550 kg Mate in, we treated ourselves to a fresh, smokey May harvested powder Mate! 

    A big thank you to all of you for your support and we hope that you will enjoy this mate soon! 

  • 09.07.2013

    Thank you all for your support.  The shipment has arrived in Bremen, cleared customs yesterday and we are expecting it either on Wednesday or Thursday in Berlin.  The moment the Mate is here we will let you know.

  • 27.06.2013

    Santa CruzSanta Cruz is floating on the Atlantic heading towards the German Harbours. 

    The ship is set to dock in Hamburg on July 4th, and then the Tonne of Mate will make it's way to Berlin via Hamburg! 

    Meanwhile our mate stocks are running low here at Meta Mate and we are all eagerly awaiting the fresh May harvested META MATE!!!!

  • 22.06.2013

    Es gibt jetzt eine Deutsche Beschreibung von das Projekt

    Danke an Marco von für die unterstutzung

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  • 5 Euro oder mehr

    Meta Mate postcard and 4 Mier stickers mailed to you with our gratitude

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  • 10 Euro oder mehr

    Meta Mate postcard, 4 Mier stickers & 5 x 10g of our different Mates to be brewed as tea for you to discover which you prefer.

    Unterstützer » 0

  • 12 Euro oder mehr

    Mate Ceremony for 2 people at our space and 100g each of our leafy smoked and unsmoked qualities & 3 bottles of Mier (Mate Beer)

    Unterstützer » 3

    Limitiert auf 100 Stück, noch 97 verfügbar

  • 13 Euro oder mehr

    500g Leafy Mate especially made for a production of wild 1337 (Leet) Mate, its cut and composition were selected to ensure a higher caffeine content. The quantity is enough for 50L Mate or 10 Cuias and includes post in Germany. If you are from outside Germany we might request a small contribution for extra postage.

    Unterstützer » 9

    Limitiert auf 100 Stück, noch 91 verfügbar

  • 20 Euro oder mehr

    1 box of mixed Belgian and Baverian Mier (our Mate Beer in light and strong varieties) to be picked up at Meta Mate and 100g Mate of your choice.

    Unterstützer » 2

    Limitiert auf 13 Stück, noch 11 verfügbar

  • 23 Euro oder mehr

    5 x 100g of our different qualities of Meta Mate suitable for cuia drinking and a small Mate Chocolate.

    Unterstützer » 5

  • 42 Euro oder mehr

    Starter DIY Mate Set - 5 x 100g of our different qualities of Meta Mate and a simple cuia and bamboo bomba.

    Unterstützer » 1

    Limitiert auf 20 Stück, noch 19 verfügbar

  • 50 Euro oder mehr

    A Mate Ceremony by us for up to 5 people plus 1/2 kg of your choice of Mate and an Inox stainless steel Meta Mate Bomba

    Unterstützer » 2

    Limitiert auf 10 Stück, noch 8 verfügbar

  • 100 Euro oder mehr

    A Mate Ceremony for up to 5 people including 1/2 kg of your choice of Mate and an Inox stainless steel Meta Mate Bomba plus a Mate Fountain that has to be picked up by us.

    Unterstützer » 0

    Limitiert auf 4 Stück, noch 4 verfügbar


We are Mate Hackers based in Berlin who are researching the traditional indigenous ways of harvesting wild Mate from the forests and promoting the spirit of Mate drinking over all.

We also pride ourselves in being Mate experts and try to research as much as we can about various harvesting processes for Mate, different types of Mate and different Mate drinking rituals.