Missing piece



von Jasmin

Is short performing film provoked by separation after a years of relationship . The story is about a travel to Paris with a model of my love.

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Missing piece

Missing Piece ist ein Kurzfilmprojekt, basierend auf einer wahren Liebesgeschichte zwischen mir Jasmin (Schauspielerin) and Kliment (Musiker).
Nach langjähriger Beziehung trennten wir uns, zurück blieb jedoch ein unerfülltes Versprechen: Kliment wollte mit mir zusammen einmal nach Paris reisen, der Stadt, in der er seine Kindheit verbrachte.
Ich entschied ich mich, dieses Versprechen nun selbst zu erfüllen: ein Modell von Kliment anzufertigen und damit nach Paris zu fahren.

Der Film erzählt die Geschichte über eine Reise nach Paris mit dem Modell meiner Liebe - eine lange geplante Reise zusammen endlich zur Erfüllung bringen. 

Fühl dich eingeladen zu einer Reise in die Welt des Magischen Realismus - des Realismus der Liebe 

Hier findest Du ein weiteres Video zu "Missing piece": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2Gg9tUcTHg



The project “Missing piece” is a short performing film based on a true story about the Love between Me - Jasmin (actress) and Kliment (musician). After a long relationship we separated. But there is one unfulfilled promise that Kliment has made to me , to go together to Paris – the city of his childhood.
So I decided to make a model of Kliment and travel to Paris with him.

“This trip through Paris is my little story not only for the things that may have happened, but for a love as an inspiration. The sadness, the memories, the unrealized trips. Everything is going again and again in my mind. Until finally I decide to make one promise come true.”

Share with me this trip through the world of magical realism – realism of love.

This is a link to another work video from "Missing piece":  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2Gg9tUcTHg

This project is self funding and I am still in process to find a money to realize it.
I already has budget to cover a fees for crew /camera man, sound recorder, sound engineered, co-director/ and a equipment. 
The amount that left to be covered is about 1 600 euro (travel coasts - 4 persons roundtrip tickets Sofia – Paris; travel inside Paris; Insurance of the equipment; Accommodation coasts; Sleep).

Realization: 25 - 31  May, 2011 - shooting time; post production period - 30 June, 2011;

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    In the end of the project I plan to break up the life-like model of Kliment into small parts, and send them to the people who have helped me realize it with personal message on it + everything above.
    If you are from a country outside Europe please add an amount of 1 euro for posts coasts.

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Her interests are theater, contemporary dance, music and painting.
In June 2009 she made authors performance “Karol Lorak” – multimedia and theater; The performance was part of the project “Space of perceptions”;
In September 13, 2008 until now – acting in Authors performance “"Smoke under water” " , sound design by Kliment Dichev.
She plays in performances “One hour before midnight” (written and directed by Juliana Sayska ) and “The place” (dance performance, directed by Milen Nikolov and Maya Mihailova).

Now she is working on a short – performance film “Missing piece” based on a true story of her life experience.
Also she is a co-author and actress in a new project - “Mirror Neurons” which aim is to explore and provoke the relations of mirror neurons, reactions in peoples mind.