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A new dance project from Melanie Lane, 'Shrine' will be a re-invention of an urban place of worship uniting choreography, sculpture, sound and light.
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What is 'Shrine'?

'SHRINE' will be a dance performance installation that will be presented at the Theaterhalle in Dock 11, Berlin on June 27,28,29 and 30, 2013. 

It is a project from Melanie Lane, Berlin-based choreographer and performer who has been developing her body of work over the past 8 years. Her work pushes the physical relationship between body and architectural environment, often blurring the line between performance and installation.

'Shrine' is the next addition of a series or work that Melanie has been developing over the last 4 years. The project involves two dancers, sound designer, lighting designer and a bunch of carefully chosen materials and objects. It will be a full-length dance performance installation of approx 50-60 mins that will present the manifestation and construction of a re-invented place of worship. The premise of the work is to create a moving, choreographed sculptural entity using objects and materials found in our everyday environment that can be transformed into an urban/modern-day shrine. It will investigate the roots and action of ceremony and ritual while seeking to understand the power of sacred significance. The work comments on the symbolic figures of the ancestor, idol, hero, saint and daemon, drawing upon the human collective power/action of awe and respect for what we consider to be sacred.

Who will create the project? What is the budget we need - and how will we spend it?

The creative team for the project will be Melanie Lane as Director/performer, Roberto Morales as performer, Christopher Clark as Sound designer, Fabian Bleisch as technical director/lighting designer and Enthusiastic Encounters as PR/Marketing manager.

We are asking for the support of 2000 euros to cover the costs of materials, rehearsal studio hire, marketing and artistic/technical labour. Being fortunate enough to have an 'artist in residence' status at Dock 11 Studios, we have the generous in-kind support of theatre and technical rental/labour. The funds we hope to raise through Inkubato will help us bring the project into full realisation, allowing us the extra financial support to invest in the production elements (installation materials/transport/construction labour/marketing) needed to create and market a performance of the highest quality.


We are really excited to create this project, have a super talented artistic team which makes us confident that 'Shrine' will be a perfromance experience not to be missed! 

Any support from you whether it be small or BIG will be greatly appreciated and we will be forever grateful.

We have some little thankyou premiums to offer you too! Most importantly we hope that you have the opportunity to come and see it for yourselves, something new, unusual and exciting is brewing…

  • 28.05.2013

    Wow! Thanks to all that have supported so far. We're so happy to have your support and look forward to sharing the work with you end of June. Rehearsals are already underway, with the studio filling up with some nice materials.... 

    So, 3 days left and we've almost reached our target. Spread the word! :)


  • 16.05.2013

    Thank you to all that have donated so far! We are so very grateful and super excited for the project to get underway. Research phase has already begun and much anticipated rehearsals start next week......will keep you all updated on how it develops!


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Melanie is an independent choreographer and performer based in Berlin. Born in Australia, Melanie has worked extensively throughout Europe since 2001. Her work as a choreographer and performer has been seen throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and America.
Melanie's body of work has developed from a keen interest in working with objects and materials in the frame of ritual and ceremony. Through sound, choreography and object installation, Melanie's work offers a platform for immersive, sculptural performance that can been seen in both theatre's and galleries. Her collaborative efforts extend to artists such as musician Clark (Warp records), video artists Timo Schierhorn, Photone, Eva S.Aridjis and choreographer/visual artist Morgan Belenguer.