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Production of the 1st episode of "Rockstars of Urban Art". The TV-docutainment-series will introduce the hotspots and heroes of urban art.
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Adventure into urban art 

Urban art surrounds us day by day. We know their paintings, listen to their music, admire their artistic boarding or biking, but who are the top artists of urban art? Which new trends do they design, how and why did they become street artists, who are their heroes and what will be the next big thing in urban art?

In the TV-docutainment series “Rockstars of Urban Art” we will trace down these question. Six episodes will take us to urban art hotspots on three continents. Hadnet Tesfai, a German TV-Presenter, and Lars Pedersen, a well known Danish graffiti artist, will guide us through the series. Together with them we will discover the street art hotspots of Los Angeles, Milan, Addis Abeba, Paris, Berlin and New York. There Hadnet and Lars will take us on an exciting journey. They will talk to local urban art heroes, from graffiti sprayers to tattoo geniuses and the musicians, who shape the groove of their city. Each episode takes us to a different city.

The series starts in Los Angeles, USA. Hadnet and Lars will meet top street artists and will take us to those places where LA urban art rocks. They will talk to top sprayers, discover urban athletic trends and talk to the hottest musicians in town. 

During this exciting journey we all could closely watch the hottest urban artists working, will learn about their motivation, how street art had developed in their city and which new trends they predict. And in each city we could witness the creation of new piece of urban art live during the shooting!


At all six locations a brand new piece of urban art will be created.

Prior to the creation a canvas of 100 x 80 cm will be pinned on each wall and will be taken off afterwards. Six smaller street art pieces will evolve from the big ones. After finishing the shooting of all six episodes of „Rockstars of Urban Art“, those six pictures will be auctioned as a collage on a prominent charity event.

The charity-auction follows our idea of giving something back to the community who made this whole project possible. The income of the auction will be donated to projects caring for people in need.


"We have a dream!” transforming the words of Martin Luther King, we need you to help us financing the first episode of Rockstars of Urban Art.

The scripts are written, presenters and artists are ready to start and TV-stations are enthusiastic to broadcast the series. But the first episode has to be shot and produced before.

We were able to put together part of the budget, but there is a gap. Now we need you and your contribution! 

Help us to create a docutainment series with in-depth information on urban art, it’s major artists, gobal street art hotspots and new trends.

Help us to take the audiences on an exciting journeys to hidden places not to be found in common travel-guides.!/UrbanArtRocks


  • 02.02.2012

    Rockstars of Urban Art-Crowdfunding Incentives
  • 02.02.2012

    Rockstars of Urban Art-Charitiy

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  • 10 Euro or more

    Dein Name wird auf die Rückseite des in LA entstehenden Charity-Kunstwerks gedruckt.

    Your name will be printed on the back of the charity piece of art to be created in LA.

    Supporters » 2

  • 30 Euro or more

    Eine Postkarte für Dich vom Dreh in LA mit den Unterschriften des Film-Teams, der Moderatoren und Künstler.

    You will receive a postcard from LA with the signatures of the film-team, the presenters and the artists.

    Supporters » 0

    Limited to 200 units, 200 still available

  • 50 Euro or more

    Dein Rockstars of Urban Art-T-Shirt in weiß mit dem Logo der Serie. (Bitte Größe angeben, von S bis XXL)

    You will receive a white T-shirt with the logo of Rockstars of Urban Art. (Please lets us know your size; S-XXL)

    Supporters » 1

  • 100 Euro or more

    Du bekommst die Los-Angeles-Folge inklusive Making-of-Material auf einem USB-Stick.

    You'll receive die Los Angeles episode including making-of-pictures on a USB-stick.

    Supporters » 1

  • 250 Euro or more

    Freu Dich auf ein vom Produzenten, dem Regisseur und den beiden Moderatoren signiertes Drehbuch.

    Look forward to receive the LA-sript with signatures of the producer, the director and the two presenters.

    Supporters » 0

    Limited to 20 units, 20 still available

  • 1000 Euro or more

    Du bist für einen Tag beim Dreh in LA dabei.

    Join the team for the LA-shooting for one day.

    Supporters » 0

    Limited to 10 units, 10 still available

  • 2000 Euro or more

    Investiere ins Projekt!

    Euer Investment wird auf maximal 2 Jahre mit 7 Prozent p.A.verzinst. Die Rückzahlung erfolgt inklusive der Zinsen und ist auf zwei Jahre beschränkt.

    Als Andenken bekommt Ihr zudem ein Setfoto mit den Unterschriften vom Team.

    Invest into the project!

    Your investment will earn 7 per cent p.a. over a maximum period of 2 years. Your engagement will end with the pay back incl. interest.

    As a souvenir you’ll receive a set-picture signed by the team.

    Supporters » 0

    Limited to 25 units, 25 still available

  • 5000 Euro or more

    Du bist für einen Drehtag dabei und übernimmst eine kleine Rolle. Es besteht die Möglichkeit zu Produkt-Placement.

    Besides joining the shooting for one day you could take over a small role. Product-placement is possible.

    Supporters » 1

    Limited to 10 units, 9 still available

  • 10000 Euro or more

    Beteiligung an den TV-Lizenzen entsprechend der Höhe des eingebrachten Betrages über einen Zeitraum von 2 Jahren (Genussschein).

    You'll receive shares of the TV-licences according to your contribution and over a period of 2 years (participation certificate).

    Supporters » 1

Project Creator

FMP Maloma in Hamburg ist eine kleine Filmproduktion mit einem begeisterten Team: Stefan Schaper (s. Foto), erfahrener Musik- und Film-Produzent, Frank Staron, erfahrener Film-Regisseur und Film-Produzent, Michael Graul und Uwe Köhler, das kreativ- und Business-Rückgrat der Company.

FMP Maloma is a small movie production in Hamburg, Germany. The FMP-Team consists of Stefan Schaper, experienced music und movie producer; Frank Staron, experienced movie director and producer; Michael Graul and Uwe Köhler, creative and business-backbones of the FMP.