Soundtrack fürs Leben - Die Live DVD

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von Rahel Kraska

Singer Rahel Kraska performs her Debut Album "Soundtrack fürs Leben": The Concert on her self drawn stage with cartoons and Live Drummer Tomi!
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Soundtrack for Life - The Live DVD


The Concert on the self-drawn Stage

What do you do as musician being a newcomer to Berlin? 
What do you do when the music business is going through a crisis?
What do you do when calling booking agencies is a terrifying thought for you?

Rahel Kraska builds her own stage – by drawing it with a pen!

In her home studio, she performs her Debut Album “Soundtrack fürs Leben”: She films herself singing and playing, recording the sound at the same time und setting up all lighting. Drummer Tomi she records in a studio, too.

But who is playing the instruments that are missing?

She simply teaches her self-drawn “Rahel Comic Girl” and puts her on stage.

How is this possible?

Using 2 cameras, 2 remote controls, a greenscreen, recording software and the spirit of learning by doing.

This is it!

After having turned the studio into a sauna with 6 construction lights, crashing hard drives, building moving stages on the computer, drawing comics, recording drums for a weekend and after 14 days of singing, time has come:

The 90-minutes Concert of Rahel Kraska could be released on DVD:

Her performance of 17 songs on her self-drawn stage, along with Drummer Tomi and Rahel Comic Girl!


You can be part of the Concert DVD!

You always wanted to see your name listed in the closing credits of a film?

You would like to see a friend of yours enter the stage? With a portrait of him or her on Rahel’s “Wall of Fame”, her moving stage?

You’ve always dreamed of writing a song?
You would like to create a video and do not know, how to start?

You would like to transform your living room into a concert hall for a night and have Rahel Kraska play a concert for you and your friends?

And, by the way, you would like to support an artist?



What's the idea behind Crowdfunding?

When you start a company you are looking for an investor.

When you would like to produce a CD, you are looking for a record label.

When you would like to create art, you are looking for a sponsor.

Crowdfunding directly addresses the audience. Many supporters enable the realisation of a project. Together, they make the production come to life!


You'd like to enable the Production of "Soundtrack fürs Leben - Die Live DVD"?

The production costs of the DVD are 3000 Euro.


How it works:


2) Create an Account.

3) Confirmation Email: Complete the registration.

4) SUPPORT PROJECT. Choose your premium: Fill in the required amount of money.

5) Choose your payment method. When you choose paypal you will be asked to authorize payment 28 days before the due date. With direct-payment you will use your online banking to pay! 

6) Only if there are enough people to promise to invest the total of 3000 Euros, the campaign starts in March 2013. Then you’ll pay your invested amount, the DVD production will start and you’ll get your premium

In case you would like to support the project, but not online, you can contact me at:





"We'll try it,

we'll go for tomorrow

and create the Soundtrack

for our Lives"


Drummer Tomi:

  • 11.03.2013

    Danke. Sehr. Thank You. A Lot!

  • 11.03.2013

    Dear Supporters,

    what can I say! Thank you for your love and support and 101%! You will hear from me soon this week! DANKEDANKEDANKE, I feel very happy and releaved, now I'll get some sleep. See you soon, Rahel

  • 10.03.2013


    16 more hours to go! Greetings to all supporters. We will hear from each other this week,

    Liebe Grüße, Rahel

  • 03.03.2013

    Liebe Supporter,

    vielen Dank für die Glückwünsche. Die kann ich gerade im Kreis an Euch zurück geben! Ich bin sehr dankbar, dass ich trotz der 7 Tage bis Ende der Kampagne schon ruhig schlafen kann!

    Für meine eigene Kunst bin ich in der virtuelle Welt gereist. Warum? Weil es dort soviel spannenden & freien Gestaltungsraum gibt.

    Trotzdem: Geschichte wird auch auf der Straße geschrieben und deshalb habe ich den "Tagesspiegel" zum Reden gebracht. Wie? Mit meinem Computer. Die Beats habe ich am Tablet gebastelt. Viel Spaß!


    Dear Supporters,

    thanks a lot for all Congratulations! I can right away give them to you! I am very thankful that I can get good sleep even though the campaign last for 7 more days!

    For my own art, I am exploring the digital world. Why? Because there is so much exciting and free space to form.

    But: History is written on the streets as well and therefore, I made the German newspaper "Tagesspiegel" talk. How? With my computer. The Beat, I created with a tablet. Have Fun!

    (Video: You might have heard about the East Side Gallery being moved......)

  • 28.02.2013


    Noch 10 Tage.....und wir sind schon bei 100%! Das ist so schön. Vielen Dank! Noch 10 Tage können Prämien vergeben werden. So leicht kommt man danach nicht mehr dran:)

    Und: Hier ein Making Of....Oder besser gesagt: How to not make a Making Of! Viel Spaß!


    10 more days to go.....and we are at 100% yet! This is awsome. Thank you so much! Not it's only about getting premiums....After the 10th of March, it won't be as easy as now!

    Just for fun: How to not make a Making Of Video!


  • 13.02.2013

    Hello supporters and friends, we are at 80% and 25 days to go. It's interesting to see, how gradually support comes in. Usually, online projects are eather "top or flop". Actually, I really like it, it's like a tree growing.

    Here is a little video of my gig at Löwenpalais; If anyone would like to host a concert, the crowdfunding would be almost done, but let's see what happens!

    Also check from time to time!

    Yours, Rahel

  • 10.02.2013

    Hello dear Supporters,

    28 more days to go, ok, let's start running! I am very thankful for your support! Greets, Rahel

  • 27.01.2013

    Dear Supporters,

    slowly, the supporters "heaven" is growing. Last time, I missed out on "hc.";) therefore, you get a yellow speech bubble!

    Have a great week, you all. In a week from now, I will think of special features to promote the campaign...

    Yours, Rahel

  • 14.01.2013

    Dear Supporters,

    after a refreshing winter break, I welcome everyone back with good news: 2 new supporters today! Thanks a lot to "Joerg13" and "nottuln". Have a great week! R*

  • 18.12.2012

    Dear Supporters, our wall of support gets bigger and bigger! Soon I need to extend my picture!

  • 13.12.2012

    Wow, was für ein Tag! Danke an Ekiline für den schönen Tagesstart und Aratgold für die Fortsetzung!

  • 12.12.2012


  • 11.12.2012

    Wie der Bestellvorgang genau funktioniert? Eine Schritt-für-Schrittanleitung:

    How it really works: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • 10.12.2012

    Es geht los!
    Ich freue mich sehr, dass die Live DVD nun an den Start geht!

    Viele Grüße, Rahel

  • 01.03.2013 (19:08) tobikult:

    Hey Rahel! Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Du hast es geschafft! Was machst Du nun mit den restlichen 9 Tagen?  :-))

  • 27.01.2013 (21:21) Rahel Kraska:

    Ok, I wil run!

  • 24.01.2013 (21:52) Thomas Höfer:

    Go, Rahel, Go!


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  • 5 Euro or more

    Ihr / Dein Name erscheint im Abspann der DVD!
    (Auch der Name einer ausgewählten Person ist möglich)

    Your name (or the name of a chosen Person) is listed in the DVD screen credits!

    Supporters » 5

  • 15 Euro or more

    Ein Download der Live DVD für Sie / für Dich.

    A Live DVD Download for You.

    Supporters » 2

  • 30 Euro or more

    Eine signierte Live DVD + Live CD (inkl. Versand).

    A signed Live DVD + Live CD (shipping within Europe incl).

    Supporters » 8

  • 40 Euro or more

    Einladung zum Privatkonzert von Rahel Kraska
    in Berlin (Termin wird bekanntgegeben).

    Invitation to an exclusive Rahel Kraska Concert
    in Berlin (tba).

    Supporters » 1

  • 50 Euro or more

    "Wall of Fame":
    Ein Bild von Ihnen / von Dir oder einer Wunschperson erscheint in der Konzert - DVD von Rahel Kraska! Auf einem fahrenden Bühnenteil hat es den großen Auftritt im Song "Berlin".

    "Wall of Fame":
    Your picture (or one of a chosen person) is part of the Concert DVD of Rahel Kraska! On her moving stage, it has its big performance in the song "Berlin".

    Supporters » 1

  • 100 Euro or more

    Ein individuelles Geburtstagsvideoständchen
    von Rahel Comic Girl! Mit Nennung eines Namens in einer Sprechblase - für sich oder zum Verschenken!
    (Video Download oder auf DVD per Post).

    Personalized birthday video, performed by Rahel Comic Girl with a chosen name in a speech bubble - for you or as a present (Video Download or shipping within Europe).

    Supporters » 2

  • 200 Euro or more

    Persönliches Coaching mit Rahel Kraska in Berlin
    oder per Skype. Mögliche Themen: Songwriting, Multimediaproduktion, Bühnenperformance, Selbstanalyse und digitale Kommunikation; Vorschläge erwünscht!

    Personal coaching with Rahel in Berlin or via Skype. Topics could be Songwriting, Multimedia Production, Stage Performance, Self-Marketing and digital Communications. Suggestions are welcome!

    Supporters » 0

  • 500 Euro or more

    Rahel Kraska und ihre Comicshow spielt bei Ihnen / bei Dir zu Hause oder an einem Ort der Wahl! (Reisekosten trägt der Investor).

    Living Room Concert:
    Rahel Kraska and her Comicshow play in your house or a chosen place! (Travel costs will be borne by the investor).

    Supporters » 1

Project Creator

"Wir haben Ideen im Kopf, mehr als wir tragen können"

RAHEL KRASKA - laut Spiegel Online und ein Multitalent:
Mit ihrer selbstproduzierten Multimediashow begeistert die Berliner Sängerin. Während ihre animierten Comics über die Leinwand wirbeln, singt sie charmant über alles, was sie bewegt.

Ausgestattet mit Computer, Keyboard und Beamer performt Rahel Kraska ihre eigenen Songs aus dem Debutalbum "Soundtrack fürs Leben". Eine Bloggerin schreibt: "Selten habe ich so ehrliche Texte gehört, voller Sehnsucht und Tiefgang.“

"Warum sollen wir noch länger warten, wir verteilen jetzt einfach unsere eigenen Karten. Wir versuchen's, fahr'n dem Morgen entgegen. Und machen den Soundtrack fürs unser Leben."

Mit ihrer smarten Popmusik hinterlässt Rahel Kraska das Publikum mit einem Lächeln im Gesicht.

Schritt für Schritt duch die Anmeldung & Prämienauswahl:

"We've got ideas in our heads, more than we can carry."

Rahel Kraska - according to leading German news sitem is a multitalented artist:
With her self-produced multimedia show, the Berlin based singer wows her audience. While her comics run around on the screen, she is singing about everything moving her.

Using a computer, a keyboard and a projector, Rahel Kraska performs her own songs from her Debut Album "Soundtrack fürs Leben" - Soundtrack for Life.
A blogger writes: "Seldom have I heard such honest lyrics, full of longing an depth."

"Why should we wait any longer. We simple play our own cards. We'll try it, we'll go for tomorrow and create the Soundtrack for our Lives." (Rahel Kraska)

With her smart Pop Music, Rahel Kraska leaves her audience with a smile on the face.

Step by Step through the registration und choosing premiums: