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von freier.eckert & Dreamwalker

Jazzanova like a band: Be part of it. How do we manifest our dreams? How do we survive?
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Jazzanova - like a band: a documentary film that tracks the Berlin-based, world-reknowned musical collective Jazzanova.

For 15 years, Jazzanova has been producing music of the highest quality. They're living proof that we achieve more when we band together.

Their motto: as long as you do what you believe in, you win.

That faith is palpable in their music, but it hasn't come without a price, as the film will reveal. The film takes stock of a generation of people who want to live out their dreams. Jazzanova is symbolic of this generation.

Filmmakers freier.eckert pose the questions:

How do we manifest our dreams?

How do we survive?


After three years of shooting, it's time to finish the film and the soundtrack. That's going to cost € 70,000.

Help us write this piece of musical history and become part of this production. Tell your friends.

A film in Dolby SRD, 90 min. Locations include Berlin, London, Rotterdam, Rio de Janeiro.




Fotografie: Joachim Gern

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  • 10 Euro or more

    "I human" special 12 inch edition digital download pack

    Supporters » 4

  • 25 Euro or more

    Original Soundtrack (OST) digital download (once ready in 2013)

    Supporters » 0

  • 25 Euro or more

    "Jazzanova like a band" DVD digital download (once ready in 2013)

    Supporters » 10

  • 45 Euro or more

    Jlab special T-shirt to be manufactured and send to you once crowdfunding ended

    Supporters » 1

  • 50 Euro or more

    OST and DVD digital download pack (once ready in 2013)

    Supporters » 1

  • 75 Euro or more

    Original Soundtrack (OST) plus Film-DVD physical copies will be send to you (once ready in 2013)

    Supporters » 1

  • 100 Euro or more

    Du stehst auf der Gästeliste für alle Jazzanova Live und DJ-events in Berlin ab jetzt bis 1 Monat vor offizieller Premiere von "Jazzanova like a band". (voraussichtlich 2013)
    You are invited on our guestlist for all Jazzanova Live and DJ-events that will take place in Berlin from now until official start of "Jazzanova like a band". (expected in 2013)

    Supporters » 0

  • 300 Euro or more

    Your personal Jazzanova 90 min DJ-mix recording on CDR. Recorded only 1 time. Let us know your musical preferences.

    Supporters » 0

    Limited to 30 units, 30 still available

  • 300 Euro or more

    You will receive a special 12 inch vinyl testpressing once manufactured (expected in 2013)
    We will manufacture 15 copies only of a white label testpressing of one song/version from the Original Soundtrack (OST).
    There will not be any other vinyl release of that song/version.

    Supporters » 0

    Limited to 10 units, 10 still available

  • 500 Euro or more

    You are invited for a tour in Jazzanova's studio.

    Supporters » 0

    Limited to 10 units, 10 still available

  • 500 Euro or more

    Be guest of freier.eckert and have a closer view on their work while filming for this movie.

    Supporters » 0

    Limited to 10 units, 10 still available

  • 750 Euro or more

    Be our guest with 2 premiere tickets for "Jazzanova like a band"
    /Credit in the movie/OST and DVD digital download pack.

    Supporters » 2

    Limited to 50 units, 48 still available

  • 1500 Euro or more

    Be our guest with 2 premiere tickets for "Jazzanova like a band"
    /personal contributers Credit in the movie/ meet & greet at the event/
    Original Soundtrack (OST) plus Film-DVD physical copies signed.

    Supporters » 0

    Limited to 25 units, 25 still available

  • 3500 Euro or more

    2 premiere tickets + personal contributers credit + performing as an extra (Komparse) together with Jazzanova in the film

    plus original soundtrack and DVD digital download package with signatures

    Supporters » 0

    Limited to 10 units, 10 still available

  • 4000 Euro or more

    Invite a Jazzanova DJ for private dj set at your venue (+ expenses / spesen) - no dictators -

    Supporters » 0

    Limited to 6 units, 6 still available

  • 20000 Euro or more

    Invite the crew to a private concert with the full Jazzanova - band at your venue (+ expenses/spesen) - no dictators -

    Supporters » 0

    Limited to 5 units, 5 still available

Project Creator

Regisseur & Produzenten von
Jazzanova like a band:

freier.eckert. Das ist der kurze und unkomplizierte Name für das Regie-/Produktions-Duo, das sich aus dem Regisseur Matthias Freier und dem Co-Produzenten an diesem Projekt Alexander Eckert zusammensetzt. Beide sind Autodidakten und haben ihre ersten Schritte mit Kurzfilmen getan.

Gemeinsam drehten sie unter anderem für Künstler wie Udo Lindenberg, Nena und die Fantastischen Vier, sowie im Bereich Werbung und Imagefilm für Opel, Baden Württemberg, ARD, Mc Donald’s, ZDF, DSM und Vodafone.

freier.eckert glaubt an die Kraft des Zusammentuns und lebt den kollektiven Gedanken.

Executive Producer ist die Dreamwalker GmbH mit deren Geschäftsführer Mark Dare Schmiedel. Neben Audio/Video-Auftragsarbeiten ist dessen Hauptinteresse, den Künstler in den Mittelpunkt der Aufmerksamkeit zu rücken, in der Vergangenheit über Internetportale und Einzelproduktionen und jetzt das erste Mal über einen Dokumentarfilm.

The director/producers of
Jazzanova like a band:

freier.eckert: that's the short and sweet name for this team of two, the self-taught director Matthias Freier und co-producer on this project, Alexander Eckert.

As a team, they have worked with artists like Udo Lindenberg, Nena and die Fantastischen Vier. They have produced corporate media and commericals for Opel, Baden Württemberg, ARD, McDonald’s, ZDF, DSM and Vodafone.

freier.eckert believes in the power of collaboration and collective thought.

Executive Producer is Dreamwalker. Its Managing Director Mark Dare Schmiedel’s goal is to focus attention on the artist via internet platforms and, more recently, documentary film.